Peppa’s Nesting Family

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    Peppa’s Nesting Family by Toomies is several baby toys in one! That’s because all of Peppa Pig’s family is hiding inside. At first glance, that’s Daddy Pig with a smile and a wavy waistline, but take him apart and hey! You’ll discover Mummy Pig inside. Separate again, and there’s a Peppa Pig toy. Open up Peppa for another surprise inside: little George who bobs about and rattles when you shake him. Ideal for little hands, toddlers will have hours of fun working out how to nest the colorful bases neatly into one, or nesting and sorting the pieces by matching sizes and colors.

    These nesting Peppa Pig toys are also great as toddler bath toys! Use the top and bottom of each character as fun water pourers. Or take them out to the sandbox or beach and fill them with sand. The bases produce different patterns as you sprinkle and play with each one. The tops can also sprinkle water, sending it out through their ears and noses. As children develop their fine motor skills and learn to recognize shapes and colors, they’ll soon put all the pieces together, finishing where they started – and then starting all over again! With all the parts packing away so neatly, parents love the nesting feature when it’s time to put water toys away, or for taking along for the ride. If used in water, rinse and drain fully after use and leave open to air dry.

    • Nesting Toys: Watch Peppa Pig and her family appear and disappear with these cute and quirky nesting doll style toys that provide matching, nesting, and imaginative play.
    • Stacks of Fun: Explore how each character fits together and how one can hide another and another!
    • Rattle Toy: Hidden in the middle of this family stack is little George who rattles when you shake him
    • Water Play: Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig and Peppa Pig can be used as water pourers – each has top and bottom halves that sprinkle water different ways
    • Role Playing Toys: Great for story-telling fun, Peppa’s Nesting Family promotes discovery, fosters problem solving and fine motor skills for toddlers 18 months and up; No batteries required