Lego Creator Space Astronaut

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    LEGO® enthusiasts aged 9 and above can embark on thrilling space adventures and explore new planets with the LEGO Creator Space Astronaut (31152) building set. This versatile astronaut figure features a detachable jet propulsion backpack, along with posable legs, feet, arms, and fingers. Its golden visor opens to reveal a seat inside for a minifigure (not included), enhancing the imaginative play experience.

    Children can construct three different space-themed playsets with this set: a posable space astronaut, a futuristic space dog with movable legs and tail, or a space viper jet with a seat for a minifigure (not included) to pilot. Each model serves as an excellent space-themed creative gift and comes with its own display stand.

    LEGO Creator 3in1 sets are perfect gifts for kids, offering three distinct models to create in every box. Children will delight in building, rebuilding, and building again, as these sets provide endless hours of entertainment and cater to various interests, including fast vehicles, fascinating animals, and intricate city scenes.

    Key features include:

    • Three LEGO® space toys in one box – Kids aged 9 and above who are passionate about space can construct and reconstruct three different sets using the same bricks with this LEGO Creator Space Astronaut toy.
    • Endless space play possibilities – Children can immerse themselves in daring space adventures with three diverse playsets: an astronaut figure, a space dog, and a space viper jet.
    • Movable space figures – The astronaut toy boasts posable legs, feet, arms, and fingers, while the space dog features a movable tail and legs, allowing kids to pose them in various ways.
    • Display models – All three LEGO® space models come with brick-built stands, enabling kids to proudly display them in their bedrooms after enjoying imaginative play sessions.
    • Space-themed birthday gift – This 3in1 toy offers a fun build-and-play experience and serves as an ideal birthday gift, inspiring countless hours of role-play action.
    • A fun way to build – The LEGO® Builder app guides kids through an intuitive building adventure, enabling them to save sets, track progress, and view models in 3D while building.
    • LEGO® Creator toys – Each 3in1 set enables kids to construct three different models inspired by their greatest passions, including animals, vehicles, and city scenes.
    • Build and play – This 647-piece LEGO® set features a buildable astronaut toy standing over 10.5 inches (27 cm) tall.