Mathlink Cubes, Numberblocks 1-10 Set

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    Explore the world of numbers with the Mathlink Cubes, Numberblocks 1-10 Set, a special edition designed to bring Numberblocks learning to life through hands-on discovery and play.

    This comprehensive set includes everything children need to build the Numberblocks characters One to Ten in all configurations seen during episodes. Ideal for both classroom and home use, the Mathlink Cubes Numberblocks 1-10 Activity Set is perfect for mastering key early learning math skills.

    Featuring 30 engaging activities on 15 write-and-wipe activity cards, children can use Mathlink Cubes to develop early math skills in a fun and interactive way. From recognizing numbers to learning to count, add, subtract, divide, and multiply, these activities also foster problem-solving skills.

    Children can dive deeper into the world of numbers with the colorful Character Cards, each providing insights into a specific number. The Mathlink Cubes themselves are durable, stackable cubes that are easy for little hands to manipulate, stack, connect, and twist apart.

    The set includes:

    • 100 Numberblocks Mathlink Cubes
    • 59 faceplates
    • 54 stickers
    • 11 Numberlings
    • 11 Character Cards
    • 15 double-sided write-and-wipe activity cards
    • 1 stand for Zero
    • Multilingual Supporting Activity Guide

    Each Numberblocks Mathlink Cube measures approximately 0.79 inches square, while the character cards measure approximately 2.95 inches L x 3.94 inches W, and the activity cards measure approximately 8.46 inches W x 5.51 inches H.

    Ignite a love for learning with the Mathlink Cubes, Numberblocks 1-10 Set, a fun and educational resource that makes math come alive for young learners.