Mummy's Organics Post-Birth Peri Bottle

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    Your perineum is likely to be very sensitive, swollen and tender post birth. Mummy's Organics portable Peri Spritz bottle is an essential item for your trips to the toilet the first few days and even weeks after having a baby. It allows you to gently wash sensitive areas and soothe with cool water.

     Product details:

    • Gently washes your perinium without the use of tissue paper which can cause additional pain and irritation
    • Prevents the need to apply pressure to your perinium when wiping which is particularly valuable if you've had a tear or stitches
    • Designed to be used upside down for those difficult to reach sensitive areas
    • Collapsible /extendable neck with travel bag which also provides extra discretion
    • Soft touch bottle designed for minimal pressure when squeezing
    • Hospital birth bag essential item to pack
    • Portable peri spritz holds 360mls of warm water.
    • For soothing affect, add Mummy's Organics perineal Sprits to your Post birth Peri Spritz bottle and keep cool in the fridge