Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Derby Car Jump Challenge Playset

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Bds$ 99.95

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    Enter the world of HW Demo Derby™, whose reckless personality wreaks epic chaos. Practice mini flips on the dump truck bed before launching into a major flip that topples a tower of crushed cars. Designated smash spots tell kids where to aim, and the moving and shaking base adds sensory feedback to enhance the crashing and smashing. Kids can feel the power of the action directly in their hands! Includes one 1:64 scale HW Demo Derby™ and two crushable cars. Connect it to other Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Arena Smashers™ sets to build a full arena of obstacles. Each set sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

    Product details:

    • With the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Arena Smashers™ Demo Derby Car Jump challenge, slam into monster-sized flips and land on the smash spot to take down a tower of crushed cars
    • Includes a 1:64 scale HW Demo Derby™ and 2 crushable cars to add to the grandstands
    • Kids can practice mini flips to prepare for the big jump or use the slam launcher to send HW Demo Derby™ to the top of the crushed-car tower. Hit designated smash spots for major destruction
    • The moving and shaking base provides sensory feedback and gives kids a chance to feel the effects of their smashing and crashing
    • The HW Demo Derby™ Car Jump Challenge connects to other Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Arena Smashers™ sets and makes a great gift for kids 4 years old and up. (Additional sets sold separately.)