LeapFrog Mr Pencil's Scribble, Write & Read


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    Play with a pal who has all the write stuff in the Mr. Pencil’s® Scribble, Write & Read™. Follow Mr. Pencil's lead! Use the stylus and trace the dotted lines to write numbers, lowercase letters and uppercase letters. Then watch the letters transform into animated animals, objects and more. The numbers transform into objects that equal the number’s value. Tap Mr. Pencil® on them to count each one. Pencil perfect! Find letters to build words and explore early spelling skills. Complete a new word and sound it out. Slide Mr. Pencil® across the screen, and the bright lights of the sound-it-out bar follow along as you go. Add personalization by programming a child’s first, middle and last name. Kids can then practice writing the words they’re most familiar with—their name! Mr. Pencil® loves to draw. Watch him draw a picture using dotted lines and then trace over it. Kids can also follow their own creativity and free-draw anything they can imagine. That was fun, let’s play some more!

    Product details:

    • Write Letters and Numbers: Use the Mr. Pencil® stylus to trace uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers following the proper stroke order
    • Get Animated: Draw the letters and numbers correctly to see the letters transform into animated animals, objects, and more and the numbers turn into objects you can count
    • Write Your Name: Adults can add the child’s first, middle and last names so kids can discover how to write them
    • Sound It Out: Move Mr. Pencil® under the words to hear them sounded out. The sound-it-out bar lights up as you go
    • Start Spelling: Help Mr. Pencil® find the letters he’s looking for to explore spelling simple words
    • Time to Draw: Watch Mr. Pencil® draw a picture using dotted lines and then trace over it
    • 3 AA Batteries required