Ziggy Bunny Lovey Toy


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    These baby comforter toys are used to help settle babies to sleep. They are flat which makes them light and easy for little ones to snuggle. Parents commonly use them to help move away from co-sleeping arrangements. Having their parent's smell really helps keep them settled.

    These popular comforter toys are irresistibly cute and a great companion for your special little one. This Ziggy Bunny Lovey Toy is made using a combination of master craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Each toy comes with a sweet and fun bio. Perfect for gifting and a wonderful keepsake! 

    Product details: 

    • Suitable for Ages 0+
    • Toy 30 cm long
    • Weighted beads in arms with a flat blanket belly
    • Made by a Sedex audited Manufacturer
    • Interior of toys are recycled material
    • 100% Polyester interior and exterior