Nerf Rex Rampage

Blast into battle with the power of a T-rex with this blaster that features stunning dinosaur details, capturing the look of a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur.

Bds$ 137.97 137.97 BBD Bds$ 229.95

Bds$ 229.95

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    Terms and Conditions

    • Motorized Darts: Start the motor and pull the trigger to send darts flying fast towards the targets (requires 4 AA alkaline batteries, not included)
    • 10-Dart Clip and Target Scope: Fire 10 darts in a row from this blaster that comes with a removable 10-dart clip. The blaster includes a non-removable target scope to line up your shots
    • 20 Nerf Darts and Dart Storage: Comes with 20 Official Nerf Elite Foam Darts - The blaster has onboard storage for 10 darts, to keep them within easy reach for recharging