LeapFrog Create n Learn Easel


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    The Interactive Learning Easel gives kiddos a fun new way to combine learning the alphabet, shapes and drawing! Start with the double-sided whiteboard/chalkboard with magnetic letters and shapes. Use the 26 letter magnets and the letter reader to teach kids letter names, letter sounds and words. The touch-sensitive book includes inspirational images for every letter of the alphabet. Guided art activities include creating art with dots, lines and shapes as well as encouraging kids to draw dots and lines in time with rhythmic music. Add music to drawing with four songs about the alphabet, colors, shapes and creativity. Use the triangle and circle shapes to create a picture of the cat—and add some ears and tail with the included chalk or erasable marker. Then use the letter magnets to spell the word C-A-T. Meowza! That’s a fun way to learn! Includes three chalk pieces and one erasable marker.

    Product details: 

    • Use the erasable marker to draw on the whiteboard or clip on your own paper to make shareable art.
    • Place 26 letter magnets into the letter reader to hear letters, letter sounds and a word that begins with that letter.
    • Find inspiration for free drawing and guided art activities using the included shape magnets.
    • Practice tracing and drawing shapes and use the six shape magnets to create pictures.
    • Draw different kinds of lines and dots to match the silly sounds you hear.
    • Draw shapes and fill them in with dots or connect dots with lines to create unique artwork.
    • Explore four songs about the alphabet, colors, shapes and creativity.
    • Draw with the included chalk around the letter and shape magnets or to make any picture you want.