Mould & Paint Glow Space

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Bds$ 34.95

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    The perfect family activity: mix and mold six different figures, then choose and paint your favorite!

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    • A piece of space for everyone: from an astronaut to a Martian, a spaceship or planet, and even Saturn complete with rings, everyone can get creative with their favorite
    • Mix, mold, patience and paint: fun from start to finish. Mix your plaster, create your molds, plan your colors like the plaster set, then paint and decorate to complete
    • Unlimited Colors - Using the six colors included in the kit, along with paint tips for mixing colors, the rainbow of possibilities is endless.
    • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE BOX - No stress for parents having to get extra supplies. Everything you need for your project included. Extra paint brushes will come in handy, especially for family fun
    • ADULT SUPERVISION RECOMMENDED - Safe for ages 5 and up, but adult supervision and entries are always recommended. Includes everything you need: mold with 6 designs, plaster powder (2 bags), magnetic strip, paint strip with 6 colors (glitter, white, green, red, yellow, and blue), and paint brush