Electrobuzz Pirate Treasure Hunt Game


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Bds$ 49.95

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    Terms and Conditions

    • Requires a steady hand: dig for treasures with the electric hook you ride. The most stable hand that excavates the most treasure wins the game.

    • Learn electrical circuits and switches: The battery, switch, buzzer, pin, and spring complete an electrical circuit. Connecting the hook acts as an additional switch.

    • How to play: place the treasures on the game board, determining the difficulty by the direction of the treasure. Turn the dial to start the game. The objective is to collect all the treasures pointed out by the spinner without the BUZZ fear of the hook. The player who receives the most treasures wins.

    • Set includes: circuit board, pirate hook, wand, spinner, swivel base, plug (4), terminal caps (4), battery box cover, screw, treasure map, treasure picker, pirate figure , treasure sticker and treasure card. Also Needed: Small Phillips Head Screwdriver and One (1) AAA (1.5V) Battery.