Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Assortment

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    ​The Hot Wheels® Track Builder Unlimited Builder Packs provide all the ingredients for kids to create their own epic build with super-cool stunts and awesome boosts! Kids can design their first configuration, expand existing track set-ups and learn about velocity and speed through the intricate curves and stunts that they put into place. Each pack features all the necessary components to build, stunt and/or boost the coolest track imaginable; one 1:64 scale Hot Wheels® vehicle is included. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

    Product details: 

    • Hot Wheels® Track Builder Unlimited Builder Packs invite kids to build, stunt and boost their way to an awesome track set-up of their own design. Kids use these track basics to engineer an epic build with cool stunts.
    • Kids can build and rebuild any track they desire with the Hot Wheels® Track Builder essentials (each sold separately, subject to availability). Each pack opens the door to epic track enhancement possibilities!
    • The Hot Wheels® Track Builder Unlimited Packs provide the basics for kids to build their own stunt course, racetrack, crash zone and more!
    • Each can connect to other sets and packs (sold separately) for expanding an existing build or as the foundation for a brand-new build.
    • Each item in the assortment includes 1 Hot Wheels® vehicle, making it a great introductory playset for kids ages 6 to 12 years old or the experienced track builder looking to build bigger.